Briefing note for speakers

(a)    At the start of each Panel debate the moderator will introduce the panellists. Then each panellist will be asked to intervene (the time slot is 10 minutes). Powerpoint presentations may be used but panellists are kindly asked to use not more than 4-5 slides according to the template provided and avoid reading their introductory statement. At the end of each Session, scheduled interventions (up to 3 minutes each) from the floor will follow according to UN protocol, i.e. government delegates will have the priority to speak first. Statements and interventions will be followed by an open discussion.

(b)    The discussion will be moderated. The moderator’s role will be to introduce the speakers and chair/manage the session, including the scheduled interventions followed by questions and/or comments from the floor or to directly pose questions and/or probe the audience, as needed and within the constraints of time limitations. The moderator may also offer his summary of the main conclusions at the end of the conference.
The presentations, photos and any additional material, articles or written speeches will be uploaded on the Conference web page.

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