Wroclaw Congress Center at Centennial Hall
Wystawowa Street 1, 51-618 Wrocław

Access to the place of the Centennial Hall (place of the Conference):

  • from the airport – taxi – 45 minutes
  • from the main railway station – taxi – 20 minutes; tram number 2 – 20 minutes, departure every 12 minutes; bus number 145 or 146 – 20 minutes, departures every 8 minutes, trams and buses leave from stop No. 10268,
  • from the Raddisson Blu hotel – taxi – 15 minutes; tram number 4 – 20 minutes, departure every 12 minutes from the stop No. 20291; tram no. 2 or 10 – 20 min., departure from bus stop No. 20281,
  • from the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel – taxi – 10 min; tram no. 2, 4 – 20 minutes, departure every 5 minutes from the stop No. 10031.

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Wrocław Congress Center is part of the Centennial Hall complex – a historic meeting place located in one of the oldest municipal parks in Europe – Szczytnicki Park, in the area of the so-called Great Island. The complex, in addition to the Center itself and the Centennial Hall erected in 1913, includes a multimedia Wrocław Fountain, Pergola and extensive outdoor areas.

In 2006, the Centennial Hall was inscribed on the UNESCO List as one of the most important achievements of the 20th century architecture. The historic complex was modernized in 2008-2011, transforming into a world-class meeting center for the 21st century.

The “Connecting By Inland Navigation” conference will take place in a place where history intertwines with modernity, which will ensure the unique and symbolic character of our meeting.

Wroclaw Congress Center at Centennial Hall
Wystawowa Street 1, 51-618 Wrocław
Phone: +48 71 347 51 50


After the first day of the Conference, at 7:00 pm Guests are invited for a Gala Dinner. An exquisite menu will be served in the restaurant of the largest fluvial passenger unit in Poland, made in 1961 – Wratislavia, which once served as a luxury cruise liner. The vessel is 53 meters long, and on its three spacious decks it can accommodate over 400 people. And now, we encourage you to go to the upper deck (called sunny), where you will see a beautiful view of the city. The attraction of this evening will also be a cruise on the Oder River, from the Marina Wratislavia on the Boulevard of Xawery Dunikowski to the island of Opatowicka.

The Organizer provides transport to the place of Gala Dinner.

Ship Restaurant Wratislavia
on the boulevard of Xawery Dunikowski
50-158 Wrocław


Information about the hotel base in Wrocław can be obtained from Expedia.



Poland is a country that in its turbulent history disappeared from the maps of the world for 123 years. Disappeared to return and fight for independence again, thanks to this today the Polish landscape stretches from the sea to the mountain ranges. Historical changes, especially the multitude of nations inhabiting Polish lands, also influenced Polish cuisine, which combines eastern, western and southern flavors.

For more information about polish tourist attractions, please visit the website of the Polish Tourist Organization.


Wrocław is a Polish city that in 2016 deservedly held the title of the European Capital of Culture and still impresses with its beauty, monuments and spirituality. And currently Wrocław won the prestigious “European Best Destination 2018” plebiscite, which is another confirmation of the city’s huge attractiveness against the background of Europe. The rich history and charm of the city can be seen at every turn in its monuments, so you can not overlook the most interesting places.
Here is a list of the most visited places by tourists:

  • A beautiful Market Square with a unique Town Hall and magnificent bourgeois tenement houses.
  • ZOO with Afrykarium, the oldest and largest (in terms of species diversity) zoological garden in Poland with a unique global complex representing the African aquatic environment.
  • Ostrów Tumski, a former island on which a castle was built, which gave rise to the city.
  • Racławice Panorama, a monumental painting – one of the few preserved in the world.
  • The Centennial Hall with the Cognitive Center, inscribed on the UNESCO list with a multimedia fountain.
  • Sky Tower, the tallest building in Wroclaw, where you can admire the panorama of the city (viewpoint).
  • The main building of the University of Wrocław, in which there is a pearl of the Lower Silesian baroque – Aula Leopoldina, and the Mathematical Tower.
  • Aquapark, where you can relax with the whole family after exploring the city.
  • An Exceptional Quarter of Four Religions, where in the close vicinity there are four temples of different religions.
  • Hydropolis – multimedia, full of interactive installations, an exhibition devoted to water located in a former underground drinking water tank.

Certainly, you will be interested in finding a gnome in Wroclaw, discovering it can be a real adventure, because all over the city there are about 400 figurines of dwarfs that celebrate their holiday in September (a detailed list of Wroclaw dwarves can be found at Note, if you visit Wroclaw once, you will want to come back.

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